What type of dessert are you?

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Directions: First, click the any of the choices that best matches what the question is asking. Then, click the results button for your scores. Enjoy!

1. If you lost a game, what are you like?

1. "Oh it's ok, we did our best anyway~"
2. "We just need to try harder, then we'll win next time!"
3. "Geez, the other team totally cheated, no one noticed, and we should've won..."
4. "I don't really care."

2. What do you like to do in your spare time?

1. Bake!
2. Lifting weights
3. Competing
4. Watching TV bruh

3. What song do you like the best?

1. "In Summer" from Frozen
2. "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten
3. "Hotline Bling" by Drake
4. "Hello" by Adele

4. What is your favorite creature?

1. Dog
2. Ant
3. Eagle
4. Cat

5. What flavor ice cream do you like?

1. Birthday Cake
2. Lemon Sorbet
3. Coffee
4. Green Tea

6. When you study, what drink do you drink to stay awake?

1. Lattes
2. 5 Hour Energy
3. Black Coffee
4. Dude, I don't drink anything. I just sleep.

7. What would you watch on Netflix?

1. Tinkerbell
2. Agents of Shield
3. Mean Girls
4. The Office (U.S.)

8. Favorite Hogwarts House?

1. Hufflepuff
2. Gryffindor
3. Slytherin
4. Ravenclaw

9. What show do you like to watch on FoodNetwork?

1. Cupcake Wars
2. Chopped
3. Worst Cooks in America
4. I just go on BuzzfeedFood

10. What do you like to smell?

1. Warm chocolate scent~
2. Citrus things like lemon, orange, and grapefruit
3. Hot coffee
4. Anything, I don't really care.

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