What type of dessert are you? (Results)

Directions: First, total the scores by counting how many first choices, second choices, third choices, or fourth choices you got. Then, calculate each number of choice out of 10, which gives the percentage. The choice that had the highest percentage is the one that is your dominant personality. Find each choice that is your dominant one, and read the words below.

1. CHOICE ONE: Roll Cake

Heyy, you're a roll cake! As a roll cake, you're a soft, kindhearted, encouraging person who always says sweet remarks to others. What a cutie!

Roll Cake

2. CHOICE TWO: Fruit Tart

Nice, you're a fruit tart! That means that you're a strong person who has many different personalities to them. This is similar to a fruit tart because fruits are very strong and dominant in their flavors, and have many different tastes once you eat a fruit tart. :D

Roll Cake

3. CHOICE THREE: Tiramisu

Wowow, you're a tiramisu~ There are times when you're bitter about something, but eventually that goes away and you're super chill. Also, you're competitive against other people. Like you, a tiramisu is bitter at first, but then sweetness just comes out of nowhere. They are a very strong competitor against many other desserts on the pantry.

Roll Cake

4. CHOICE FOUR: Ice Cream

Awesome! You're an ice cream!! That means you're super chill about everything, and don't really have an opinion on certain thinks. WoahH..

Roll Cake